Days after days
night after night
fortnight tedious
pillow unwrapped
cushion always bloating
too much to inhale
flustered to exhale
dubious filter
face sombre
hold on,
on best tune
Canon D major
press play press
plunge with feeling of inverse proportion
hand cold,shush
new dawn
sweet voice,
she smiled.

Sweet whisper

Looking back at times,
Couldn’t recollected what once dream of,
Expected love never came into existence,
Die slowly, die slowly my feeling
I whispered
Devastated, havoc, panic
All at once
Similar left in hazy future,
Limitless pain,
Infinite question,
Thats when you heard,
Hold me, much needed
Destructed heart,

I need you more than,
That was new sweet wisper,
Felt at ease..
Heart rehearse.